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Our Free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services have gained global recognition over the years:

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Search Engine Optimisation is the basis on which Google and other leading search engines rank websites for their search results.

Getting SEO correct is by far the most cost effective way of website marketing and driving new customers to your website.

Unfortunately we keep being asked by people to help them after they had a website built by a cheap developer- which is not living up to their promises by not now bringing in them traffic and sales.

It's the same old adage- you get what you pay for.

Which isn't to say that we are expensive- far from it. In fact we are great value for money- please just have a quick look at some of our testimonials from our happy clients.

Also we never promise that we will get you top of the search engines- although we frequently do.

Even though it is pretty easy to quickly get you top of the search engines for some obscure low traffic phrase which is hardly ever searched for.

Before we take any new client on we always research through Google's global and local databases what the best high traffic search phrases are for you and your business.

Then we agree with you which of these potential keywords phrases are priorities for you.

Only then do we start repairing your website and getting it fit and correct for the search engines.

There are also legitimate shortcuts to get your revamped website into Google which we try and do for you.

But Optimisation is a long term process. Yes we frequently get fast results, but you should think of this process as long term- with a minimum term of six months.

So if you want help getting more traffic to your online business- please contact us now to see how we can help you make money.

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